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Storing functions in a dictionary with different numbers of parameters

I've been toying with using a dictionary to replace a switch case in python. I have the following dictionary:

dispatcher = {"avg": data_filler.fill_missing_data_average,
"value": data_filler.fill_missing_data,
"drop": data_filler.drop_column}

Where fill_missing_data_average, fill_missing_data, and drop_column are all functions. I am then calling these functions in the following way:

for col in self.to_do_list:
self.pandas_dataset[col] = dispatcher[self.to_do_list[col]]()

Now, something should go in the () after the dispatcher call. But while fill_missing_data_average and drop_column both take a only a pandas dataframe as an argument, fill_missing_data takes both a pandas dataframe and a numerical value.

Is there a way to still use this method with functions that take a different number of parameters?

Answer Source

If you can modify the dispacher dict, you could wrap your your function referneces to lambdas. Its one way of doing this. Here is some example:

def fill_missing_data_average(a):

def fill_missing_data(a, b):
    print(a, b)

def drop_column(a):

dispatcher = {"avg": lambda a,_: fill_missing_data_average(a),
              "value": lambda a,b: fill_missing_data(a,b),
              "drop": lambda a,_: drop_column(a)}


This will print:

1 2
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