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Why is 'Simulate Background Fetch' leading to crash (libsystem_kernel.dylib`mach_msg_trap) since xcode 8?

I'm on macOS Sierra, Xcode 8, and get crashes whenever I try to Simulate Background Fetch on an actual iOS 10 device. This does NOT occur when using the simulator. This occurs in all projects, including those freshly created.

0x18cfec164 <+0>: movn x16, #0x1e
0x18cfec168 <+4>: svc #0x80
-> 0x18cfec16c <+8>: ret (Thread 1: signal SIGSTOP)

I don't have any other iOS devices to test with; is anyone else experiencing this?

EDIT: Fixed in xcode 8.1

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You aren't alone - I'm encountering this as well. Really annoying. I've just filed a bug.

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