Pravinsingh Waghela Pravinsingh Waghela - 2 years ago 2026
Android Question

Project already contains module with this name -- Android Studio

I had successfully imported a

in my Application project in
Android Studio
Then I deleted or removed the module by following the below link:

How to delete a module in Android Studio

I also removed the project module from the
of my

Now, When I need to again include the same module project in my Andorid Application, it doesn't allows me, and gives the
Project already contains module with the same name

I had check in my
Project, Package, Android
Structure but the project module which i need to Import and add as a Module Project is not there but still it say it already exist.

Can anyone help me to overcome this issue.??

Answer Source

If somebody faces this issue, except removing the Folder containing the old module also remove from the settings.gradle file the line corresponding to the old module: include ':youroldmodule'. If you dont remove that line manually, 2 modules with the same name will appear when trying to add module dependency.

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