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Perl Question

How to run multiple scripts in sequence using command prompt

I need to do some kind of modification in post-synthesis hardware description language (HDL) files of field-progammable gate array (FPGA) design. I am using Microsemi's Libero system on chip (SoC) tool for that design process.

Totally, it has three different design processes such as

  1. Pre-modification process

  2. Modification process

  3. Post-modification process on HDL codes

All three steps need to be performed in sequence using the Windows command line. I wrote a Tcl script for the first and third processes and a Perl script for the second process. In the first and third processes, some FPGA design tools for synthesis, simulation, place and route will be called through the command line.

This is the overall idea of the work. My question is how can I run all three different scripts (Tcl, Perl and Tcl) in sequence using a single script (or any other file format) in command line?

Note: In few steps, it is required to get user data through STDIN. I am working in windows platform..

Answer Source

Create a batch file (extension .bat) something like:

start /b tcl script1
start /b perl script1
start /b tcl script2
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