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Defining gam function type

I would like to apply a gam model on a dataset with specifying the types of functions to use.

It would be something like :

y ~ cst1 * (s(var1)-s(var2)) * (1 - exp(var3*cst2))

has to be the same function for both
. I don't have a prior idea on
function family. If I resume, the model would find the constants (
) plus the function

Is it possible? If not, is there any way (another type of models) i can use to do what i'm looking for?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Answer Source

This model could be fit with nls, the non-linear least squares package. This will allow you to model the formula you want directly. The splines will need to be done manually, though. This question gets at what you would be trying to do.

As far as getting the splines to be the same for var1 and var2, you can do this by subtracting the basis matrices. Basically you want to compute the coefficient vector A where the term is A * s(var1) + A * s(var2) = A * (s(var1) - s(var2)). You wouldn't want to just do s(var1 - var2); in general, f(x) - f(y) != f(x - y). To do this in R, you would

  1. Compute the spline basis matrices with ns() for var1 and var2, giving them the same knots. You need to specify both the knots and the Boundary.knots parameters so that the two splines will share the same basis.

  2. Subtract the two spline basis matrices (the output from the ns() function).

  3. Adapt the resulting subtracted spline basis matrix for the nls formula, as they do in the question I linked earlier.

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