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Get distance between two points in canvas

I have canvas drawing tab and want lineWidth to be based on distance between two last mousemove coordinate updates. I will make translation of distance to width myself, I just need to know how to get distance between those points (I already have coordinates of those pointes).

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You can do it with pythagoras theorem

If you have two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) then you can calculate the difference in x and difference in y, lets call them a and b.

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var a = x1 - x2
var b = y1 - y2

var c = Math.sqrt( a*a + b*b );

// c is the distance

a shorter way to write the above would be

var d = Math.sqrt( (x1-x2)*(x1-x2) + (y1-y2)*(y1-y2) );


...thanks to Jonas for this slightly minimized way: (caution - this will change the values of your original variables)

var d = Math.sqrt( (x2-=x1)*x2 + (y2-=y1)*y2 );
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