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Dynamically UPDATE Variable Number of Columns with FMDB in Swift

Let's say I have an array of columns and an array of values like this:

let columns = ["a = ?","b = ?","c = ?"]
let values = ["one","two","three","entryId100"]

I have a table in my SQLite database with columns named "a", "b", and "c".

If I try to do this:

let columnsString = columns.joinWithSeparator(", ")
let sql = "UPDATE table SET \(columnsString) WHERE entryId = ?"
db.executeUpdate(sql, withArgumentsInArray:[values])

I get an error that
the bind count (1) is not correct for the # of variables in the query (4)

But if I print my
string, it looks good:

UPDATE table SET a = ?, b = ?, c = ? WHERE entry = ?

It seems to not be recognizing my dynamically generated
column = ?
values. Is there any way I can do that?

Answer Source

It's db.executeUpdate(sql, withArgumentsInArray:values), not db.executeUpdate(sql, withArgumentsInArray:[values]) (don't wrap values in an array)

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