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Save date in SQL Server without minutes and hours

I'm trying to save a date from a datetimepicker to SQL server database as duration of an user deactivation but i only want to save day month and year.
Here is my function so far:

Public Sub DeactivateUser(user As String, duration As Date)
Dim query As String
Dim startdate As Date = Date.Parse(Date.Now)
query = "Update SC_User Set Us_duration='" & duration & "','" & "Us_Start='" & startdate & "Where Us_User='" & user & "'"
query = "Update SC_User Set Us_Inactive" & 1 & "Where Us_User='" & user & "'"
MessageBox.Show("User deactivated")
End Sub

This doesn't work but shows my idea.

Answer Source

If you want today's date without the current time then you use Date.Today. If you want the date without the time from an arbitrary DateTime value then you use its Date property, e.g.

myDate = myDateTime.Date

Note that the Date property still returns a DateTime but with its time portion zeroed. Not surprisingly, the Date.Today property is implemented like this:

Return Date.Now.Date

If you want to store just a date without time in SQL Server then you should use the date data type, which doesn't store time.

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