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Java Question

How to know with xuggle a video is a flash video?

If I look the property of a flash video by right clicking and selecting property, it tells me that this video is:

Type: Flash video (video/x-flv)

I really would like to have the same result in java library that I am using called xuggle.

How can I identify all flv videos with xuggle?

Answer Source

First we create a Xuggler container object:

IContainer container = IContainer.make();

// open the video"myvideo.flv", IContainer.Type.READ, null);

This will return short name like "flv":

String myvideoFormat = container.getContainerFormat().getInputFormatShortName();

This will return the long name:

String myvideoFormat = container.getContainerFormat().getInputFormatLongName();
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