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C++: call overrided method in base class's constructor

Suppose I have a base class A and a derived class B. B's constructor calls the constructor of A, in which I call a function, say

to do some type-dependent thing. I mean, I have a do-nothing
for A and override this method in B.

My problem:

In the very phase of construction of B, that is, in the constructor of A, what is the type of the object? While, I think it's A. But I'm not sure. If it is A, I'm always calling A's
right? Regardless of the type of the object I want to construct.

In VS, in B's constructor, I see the type for "this" is "B". While I step into and in A's constructor, I see type for "this" "A".

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This is correct. Superclasses are constructed first. Derived classes get constructed only after the superclasses are constructed. Until your superclass A is constructed, none of its virtual methods are overridden, and calling them will invoke A's virtual method. If they are pure and not defined, this results in undefined behavior.