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Peak memory usage of a linux/unix process

Is there a tool that will run a command-line and report how much RAM was used total?

I'm imagining something analogous to /usr/bin/time

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(This is an already answered, old question.. but just for the record :)

I was inspired by Yang's script, and came up with this small tool, named memusg. I simply increased the sampling rate to 0.1 to handle much short living processes. Instead of monitoring a single process, I made it measure rss sum of the process group. (Yeah, I write lots of separate programs that work together) It currently works on Mac OS X and Linux. The usage had to be similar to that of time:

memusg ls -alR / >/dev/null

It only shows the peak for the moment, but I'm interested in slight extensions for recording other (rough) statistics.

It's good to have such simple tool for just taking a look before we start any serious profiling.

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