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How do I setup a local webserver that my home PCs can all access?

I have a PC I'll call Computer A. This is my normal PC (running win10) that I use for browsing the internet, games, homework, etc. I have another PC I'll call Computer B (also running Win10). I have 5 total computers connected to my home network, I want to use Computer B as a webserver that all of those computers can connect to, I'm VERY new to this, how would I start this project? I've tried XAMPP but that only works on Computer B.

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having a linux box would be more common but windows works too.

You may check xxamp again but make sure your router blocks traffic to your home network.

You may open port 80 in PC-B (windows firewall) to allow http connections from computer A to B and for other PCs in your local network.

Then check this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrA_yN3gySs

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