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Django Pandas AWS

I am attempting to deploy a Django project on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. One of my views makes use of Pandas to generate some data.

I was able to get Pandas to compile properly on my EBS hosted site. I was noticing however that the browser would become "hung" when I tried to access any pages. I removed the view with the Pandas and the pandas import and the problem went away. However, when I add the Pandas import back, the problem recurs, leading me to believe it is a problem with Pandas. Also, if I remove the view that utilizes Pandas, but keep the "import pandas" statement, the problem remains. As soon as I remove "import pandas as pd" the problem goes away.

When I SSH into the instance and run manage.py shell I can import Pandas properly and have no problems whatsoever - so I know Pandas has compiled properly.

I checked the logs and nothing jumps out at me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Answer Source

The problem turned out to be with the apache wsgi.conf file. I do not understand all the details, but by looking at this answer I was able to resolve the problem.

Import Pandas on apache server causes timeout error

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