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jQuery Question

jQuery change input type

Trying to change

type attribute from


Why this doesn't work?

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You can't do this with jQuery, it explicitly forbids it because IE doesn't support it (check your console you'll see an error.

You have to remove the input and create a new one if that's what you're after, for example:

$('.form').find('input:password').each(function() {
   $("<input type='text' />").attr({ name: this.name, value: this.value }).insertBefore(this);

You can give it a try here

To be clear on the restriction, jQuery will not allow changing type on a <button> or <input> so the behavior is cross-browser consistent (since IE doens't allow it, they decided it's disallowed everywhere). When trying you'll get this error in the console:

Error: type property can't be changed

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