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html flash player on facebook with BiliBili

Just like in this question Embedding a Custom HTML5 Player on Facebook I have built a custom videojs player that I want to embed on facebook, which only accepts flash - .swf to be specific.

Now I am completely oblivious on how flash works, but I just found this repository, which seems to create a flash player in HTML. Does anybody know, if I can use this to embed my html player on Facebook?

Sorry if that question is a naive question.

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It's not possible to embed a custom HTML5 player. You can embed an custom Flash player only. See my other Answer about embedding Flash-based custom players.

You need a swf file, that means you need a Flash application with code in there to load and play your video files. The swf must be uploaded to your https server.

That Bilibili link is for handling files saved in flv video format (flv means FLash Video fomat).

It just converts (moves) the data to mp4 video format since they both can hold same content & where the mp4 is then decoded by browser (ie: with HTML5, not Flash plugin). That's their meaning of "...Playing Flash video with HTML5"

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