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TypeScript Question

How to inform TypeScript compiler of extensions to JS Array prototype?

I have created a polyfill for the JavaScript Array;

if (Array.prototype.remove !== 'function') {
Array.prototype.remove = function (value) {
var idx = this.indexOf(value);
if (idx !== -1) {
return this.splice(idx, 1);
return false;

Now I am upgrading the original JavaScript project to a TypeScript project and the tsc complains about the usage of the .remove method:

class Archive {
documents: DocInfo[] = []; // <-- Array of class DocInfo

addDocument(document: DocInfo) {

deleteDocument(document: DocInfo) {
tsc complains here: TS2339:Property 'remove' does not exist on type 'DocInfo[]'

How can I tell the tsc about this extension?

I tried creating a typings file, but without any success:

declare module 'Array' {
export function removeByAttr(propertyName: string, propertyValue: any);


Answer Source

The typings should extend Array<T> interface:

interface Array<T> {
    remove(item: T): boolean;
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