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Javascript Question

Object doesn't support property or method 'text'

I get the error in the title when I call

. If I call the span b y its ID like this
then it works, but it doesn't work like below

<span id="defaultLocalPrinterName<c:out value="${entry.index}"/>">Printer</span>

function setDefaultLocalPrinter(printerName) {
console.log("setDefaultLocalPrinter: " + printerName)

Answer Source

Use $(this) inside each().


this is plain JavaScript object. It cannot be used to call method which is defined on the jQuery prototype. $(this) is this wrapped in jQuery that have access to all the methods & properties defined on the jQuery prototype.

If you want to use plain JavaScript,

this.textContent = printerName;

each is not even needed, the textContent can be directly set using text() on selector.

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