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Replacing php realpth when outputing to users

I used php

real path
to get actual path of files and directory to delete and after deleted i will print all deleted
items. But my problem is that it also show the real path where the file source is and i don't want to show it to users
is there any way i can hide the pay and only show the file example.

I don't like it to look like this

[File]: /mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder/mosaic_1.jpg

[File]: /mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder/room_home_1.jpg

[Directory]: /mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder

Is there anyway i can make it look this way using rejex or any method please i need help i have to remove




Maybe using something like this

echo preg_replace("/mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs", "", "[File]: /mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder/mosaic_1.jpg");

$path = realpath($parentBas);

Answer Source

I would use configuration variables $privatePath and $publicPath.

So you can concat whichever you want to the relative paths to your directories or files.

For your example:

$privatePath = '/mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/';
$publicPath = '';

$pic1RelativePath = 'useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder/mosaic_1.jpg';

$pic1privatePath = $privatePath . $pic1RelativePath;
// /mnt/wef66/d2/81/557642661/htdocs/useruploads/myfiles/imagefolder/mosaic_1.jpg

$pic1publicPath = $publicPath . $pic1RelativePath;

I think this is easier and more efficient than replacing the paths with regex.


If you have all the real paths in an array, you can loop through it and replace easily all the private paths with the public paths this way:

$paths = [

foreach ($paths as &$path) {
  $path = str_replace($privatePath, $publicPath, $path);

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