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Objective-C Question

error: hex escape sequence out of range

Trying to compare to a string:

BOOL r = [res isEqualToString:[@"\x124Vx\xc3\xaa"]];

However I got

error: hex escape sequence out of range

I tried also something like:

NSString *s = [@"\x12" stringByAppendingString: @"4Vx\xc3\xaa"];
BOOL r = [res isEqualToString:s];

Now it could work and return

How can I specify such string and avoiding splitting them up first? It's kind of annoying...

I use @rmaddy's code, and it works now, however, If I put it in array like:

NSArray *answers = @[

It will generate a warning for the last string literal:

Concatenated NSString literal for an NSArray expression - possibly missing a comma
How to get rid of it?


NSString *s = @"\x12""4Vx\xc3\xaa";
NSArray *arr = @[s];

Can work, but I prefer not writing more NSString *s ... to do it.

Answer Source

The problem with:

BOOL r = [res isEqualToString:@"\x124Vx\xc3\xaa"];

is with the \x124 part. It seems you can only have hex values in the range 00 - ff. And note the removal of the [ ] around the string.

If you don't want the 4 to be considered part of the \x hex number, you can do this:

BOOL r = [res isEqualToString:@"\x12""4Vx\xc3\xaa"];

The two double-quote characters ensure the \x escape sequence stops where you need it to.

To eliminate the new warning about a possible missing comma when using such a string in an NSArray, you will need to use the older syntax to create the array:

NSArray *answers = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:
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