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JSF 2.2 - @Inject @ThirteenNumber throw NullPointException

I try to work with

, so start with a simple example here :


public interface NumberGenerator {
String generateNumber();


public class BookServices {

private NumberGenerator generator;

public Book createBook(String title){
return new Book(title, generator.generateNumber());

Book Object

public class Book {

private String title;
private String isbn;

public Book() {

public Book(String title, String isbn) {
this.title = title;
this.isbn = isbn;

//getters and setters


@Named(value = "injectionTest")
public class InjectionTest implements Serializable {

public void showResult() {
BookServices bookService = new BookServices();
Book book = bookService.createBook("Java book");


ThirteenNumber Implementation

public class IsbnGenerator implements NumberGenerator{

public String generateNumber(){
return "13-84333-" + Math.abs(new Random().nextInt());


When i try to call
bookService.createBook("Java book")
it throw a
, in
i think it not call the right
, a tried to solve this problem, using this link, Java EE 7 CDI - Injection doesn't work, sending NullPointerException i add all the dependencies but the problem still the same?

Did i miss something?

Note i know about What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it?

Thank you.

Answer Source

The problem is the new BookServices() in your InjectionTest class. The new operator breaks CDI. Just @Inject the BookServices bean.

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