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Less Question

Possible to use regular expressions in Less?

Is it possible to use regular expressions in less? If not is there another way I can achieve the following?

I want to give every Bootstrap row and column a dotted border. Given that theres so many

, .... I dont want to type out all of them so I just want to say:

.my-canvas {
.col-.*-.* {
outline: 2px dashed #000;


You don't need to use Less with regular expressions for this one. It is possible to do with pure CSS itself by using attribute selectors like in the below example.

[class*=' col-'] {
  outline: 2px dotted red;
div {
  margin: 10px;
<div class='col-md-11'>Something</div>
<div class='col-md-12'>Something</div>
<div class='col-md-21'>Something</div>
<div class='column-md-11'>Something</div>
<div class='some-class col-md-99'>Something</div>