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accepting multiple user inputs seperated by a space in python and append them to a list

How can I accept multiple user inputs separated by a space? I don't know the number of inputs, but I do know they are all ints.

Here's some example inputs:

13213 412 8143
12 312
1321 142 9421 9 29 319

I know can do this if I know the number of inputs beforehand, but I'm having trouble making this generic. I could just ask the user to input how many groups of ints he will input:

inputs = int(raw_input("Enter number of raw inputs "))
num = []
for i in xrange(1, inputs):
num.append(raw_input('Enter the %s number: '))

But I am looking for a more elegant solution that doesn't require asking the user 2 questions.

Answer Source
s = raw_input("Please enter your numbers: ")

mynums = [int(i) for i in s.split()]
# OR
mynums = map(int, s.split())
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