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Javascript Question

Access object using dynamic object name

I have an object with some data inside. The first level of data are 2 arrays (body, cause). Each body and cause array have arrays inside of them (date, year).


What I would like to do is access the body/cause array dynamically based on something the user has changed.

This is how I am accessing them now.


My issues is body and date are hard coded in there, and I would like to have access to either body/cause date/year. I can't seem to find what these property names are stored as. I tried to set up a var and do something like this

var bodyCause = "body";

Then I tried to pass it back into my retriever statement.


But that fails. So I'm just trying to figure out what that property name is stored as and if I can dynamically set it when I need to retrieve information.

Answer Source

Your attempt was almost correct. You can easyly use var bodyCause = "body"; and access the content dynamically. Instead of this


you should use this


Should fix your problem.

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