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How do I make a reference to a figure in markdown using pandoc?

I'm currently writing a document in markdown and I'd like to make a reference to an image from my text.

this is my text, I want a reference to my image1 [here]. blablabla


I want to do that reference because after converting my markdown to pdf, images get placed in one or two pages after and the document doesn't make any sense.


I've tried Ryan's answer in that post and I can't make it working.
Apparently the code :

[image]: image.png "Image Title"
![Alt text][image]
A reference to the [image](#image).

should produce:

\includegraphics[keepaspectratio,width=\textwidth,height=0.75\textheight]{i mage.png}
\caption{Alt text}

A reference to the image (\autoref{image}).

instead, I obtain:

\caption{Alt text}

A reference to the \href{\#image}{image}.

I've noticed two problems :

  • \label{image}
    doesn't appear : no reference is created.

  • (\autoref{image})
    : no cross reference is detected.

And then, when I convert that to pdf it obviously doesn't link to the image. There's a link, but it doesn't link to anything.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Answer Source

In pandoc you can even do:

![This is the caption\label{mylabel}](/url/of/image.png)
See figure \ref{mylabel}.
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