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How to put linebreaks on dynamically generated javascript code

Working on ASP.net website. In my webpage I'm dynamically writing some javascript in the code-behind code. How can I put linebreaks at certain points so that if I do a 'view source' of the page it is more readable? Right now all the dynamic js code is one one line.

I've tried appending

but that doesn't seem to work.


Answer Source

<br /> is html element which will not help you at this point. you can use Environment.NewLine to add these line-breaks: example code will be like the following:

StringBuilder strBuilderJS = new StringBuilder(); 
strBuilderJS.Append("<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>" + Environment.NewLine + 
                    "$(WireEvents_" + this.ID + ");" + Environment.NewLine +
                    "function WireEvents_" + this.ID + "(){" + Environment.NewLine +
                    "    alert('stuff');");
strBuilderJS.Append(Environment.NewLine + "}</script>");
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