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Bash Question

How can I make an output of a command in alias to be evaluated when the alias is executed but not when defined?

I made a simple example for this question. I can do

ckim@stph45:~] echo 1 2 3 | awk '{print $2}'

I wanted to make an alias for this whole command but it gives em an error (I'm using csh)

ckim@stph45:~] alias tt 'echo 1 2 3 | awk '{print $2}''
Missing }.

How do I escape
? I tried

alias tt 'echo 1 2 3 | awk \'{print $2}\''
alias tt 'echo 1 2 3 | awk "'{print $2}'"'

But didn't work. => solved. Please 'ADD' below.

ADD : as l|L|l's commend below, I can pass it by `alias tt "echo 1 2 3 | awk '{print $2}'", but for real case below

ckim@stph45:~] alias ddcoc "ddd caffe-fast-rcnn/python/caffe/ `ps aux | grep python | grep tools | awk '{print $2}'`"
ckim@stph45:~] ddcoc
ddd: No match.
ckim@stph45:~] alias ddcoc
ddd caffe-fast-rcnn/python/caffe/ ckim 29216 0.0 0.0 52596 8968 pts/8 Ss+ 11:36 0:00 /home/ckim/anaconda2/bin/python -t /usr/local/bin/pydb tools/ --gpu 0 --solver models/coco/ZF/faster_rcnn_end2end/solver.prototxt --weights data/imagenet_models/ZF.v2.caffemodel --imdb coco_2014_train --iters 490000 --cfg experiments/cfgs/faster_rcnn_end2end.yml --set RNG_SEED 42 TRAIN.SCALES [400,500,600,700]

The problem is
ps ...
is substituted at the time alias is being defined. What I want is evaluate
ps ...
at the time I execute the alias.
ddd is an application I can run on csh but in this alias doesn't work. How can I solve it?

Answer Source

Do you have to use an alias? I would simply transform the alias to a script or a shell function.

This would then look like (at least for bash/zsh)

function ddcoc()
    ddd <some absolute path>/caffe-fast-rcnn/python/caffe/ $(ps aux | grep python | grep tools | awk '{print $2}')
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