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How to show progress in windows 7 taskbar (using Qt)?

Is there a way to access the windows 7 progress bar with Qt? I'm currently using Qt 4.7.0 with Qt Creator.

I already found Q7Goodies but unfortunately it is not free. So it seems to be possible - how can I access to the progress bar by hand (without Visual Studio)?

Answer Source

I think they used Win7 API functions and encapsulated them in their library. You can include by hand those headers and use them too. Here you can find a help topic and demo project:

But its only for win7. Not crossplatform. Good luck

update mar 05, 2014

This question was asked a long time ago and many things have changed since. For those asking themselves the same question today (beginnings of 2014) then my personal answer is that Qt 5 fully supports progress in taskbar and different kind of beautiful extras. See QWinTaskbarProgress (upd nov 28, 2016) for details

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