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Laravel Redis Session Driver doesn't work

I'm having difficulties using the laravel 4 "redis" session driver.
The problem is nothing gets actually stored.

Things i've checked:

  • I've set the driver to
    in Session-config file and cache-config file

  • In database-config file a database config for redis is specified:

  • I tried storing something manually with the redis-class, that did work, storing with the session class did not work

    // this is in my session config
    'driver' => 'redis',

    //this is my db-config
    'redis' => array(

    'cluster' => true,

    'default' => array(
    'host' => '',
    'port' => 6379,
    'database' => 0,


    //this works
    $redis = Redis::connection();
    $redis->set('name', 'Taylor');

    //this doesn't work
    Session::put('name', 'Taylor');

When i change the session to
it works

Any help would be appreciated


That's interesting:
When I use
redis-cli monitor
as suggested by @philo, I get some output while trying to log in my L4 application:

`1387191809.513730 [0] "SELECT" "0"
1387191809.513835 [0] "GET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7"
1387191809.863851 [0] "SET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "s:226:\"_sf2_attributes|a:2:{s:6:\"_token\";s:40:\"9LPf354C2ZNtw0Oc1zyafSvMdFFlspPiJsq8w90v\";s:5:\"flash\";a:2:{s:3:\"old\";a:0:{}s:3:\"new\";a:0:{}}}_sf2_flashes|a:0:{}_sf2_meta|a:3:{s:1:\"u\";i:1387191809;s:1:\"c\";i:1387191809;s:1:\"l\";s:1:\"0\";}\";"
1387191809.866655 [0] "EXPIRE" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "0"
1387191828.464840 [0] "SELECT" "0"
1387191828.464970 [0] "GET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7"
1387191828.581774 [0] "SET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "s:599:\"_sf2_attributes|a:4:{s:6:\"_token\";s:40:\"KSkc5OAsp9Psz3MC7dYo6FfkTvcdK6I6HcisSyJ3\";s:10:\"_old_input\";a:3:{s:6:\"_token\";s:40:\"9LPf354C2ZNtw0Oc1zyafSvMdFFlspPiJsq8w90v\";s:8:\"username\";s:10:\"bertcasier\";s:8:\"password\";s:4:\"test\";}s:5:\"flash\";a:2:{s:3:\"new\";a:0:{}s:3:\"old\";a:2:{i:0;s:10:\"_old_input\";i:1;s:6:\"errors\";}}s:6:\"errors\";O:29:\"Illuminate\\Support\\MessageBag\":2:{s:11:\"\x00*\x00messages\";a:1:{s:7:\"general\";a:1:{i:0;s:48:\"Ongeldige gebruikersnaam/wachtwoordcombinatie...\";}}s:9:\"\x00*\x00format\";s:8:\":message\";}}_sf2_flashes|a:0:{}_sf2_meta|a:3:{s:1:\"u\";i:1387191828;s:1:\"c\";i:1387191828;s:1:\"l\";s:1:\"0\";}\";"
1387191828.582214 [0] "EXPIRE" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "0"
1387191828.613536 [0] "SELECT" "0"
1387191828.613649 [0] "GET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7"
1387191828.653734 [0] "SET" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "s:226:\"_sf2_attributes|a:2:{s:6:\"_token\";s:40:\"SMxXljPLDaViVVSpCohfOKlpByhjp8E2ywS6zVkh\";s:5:\"flash\";a:2:{s:3:\"old\";a:0:{}s:3:\"new\";a:0:{}}}_sf2_flashes|a:0:{}_sf2_meta|a:3:{s:1:\"u\";i:1387191828;s:1:\"c\";i:1387191828;s:1:\"l\";s:1:\"0\";}\";"
1387191828.654102 [0] "EXPIRE" "laravel:siau639prmckja34le11vbsfl7" "0"
1387191878.208814 [0] "config" "get" "databases"
1387191878.215094 [0] "INFO" "keyspace"
1387191880.176125 [0] "select" "0"
1387191880.176314 [0] "keys" "*"`

Seems like my session expires immediately?
I wrote a custom Auth User Provider which logs me in, in a rest-API, and stores the result in the session. But when I use the redis session driver, I get redirected immediately back to the login page. When I use RDM (redis client GUI) I can't find any session variables

Answer Source

I've found the solution thanks to the tip from @philo.

The session lifetime in my config file was set to zero, because I want my session to expire on browser close. That works for native sessions, but for redis sessions it causes the session to expire immediately. When I change the life time, my session works as expected.

Now I'm still searching how to expire on browser close

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