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How to avoid null values serialization in HashMap?

I would like to serialize a HashMap as a string through the Jackson JSON processor.
For example:

String strMap = getMapper().writeValueAsString(myHashMap);
result output -> {"r_id":6,"a_am":null,"smb":"Submit","a_li":null,"l_id":878,"pos":[1345,1346,1347]}

I don't know how to disable null values serialization for Map. It works fine only for POJO if configure the Jackson like this:


Answer Source

For what it's worth, Jackson 1.6 will have this:

objectMapper.configure(SerializationConfig.WRITE_NULL_MAP_VALUES, false);

which does do what you want. Existing method only works for beans, and is not being changed to ensure maximum backwards compatibility.

EDIT: as per note on comments, this is for Jackson 1.x; Jackson 2.x has matching SerializationFeature

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