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JavaScript Dependency Injection

I am new at JavaScript. I wonder how dependency injection is being implemented in JavaScript? I searched the internet but couldn't find anything.

Answer Source
var Injector = {
   dependencies: {},
   add : function(qualifier, obj){
      this.dependencies[qualifier] = obj; 
   get : function(func){
      var obj = new func;
      var dependencies = this.resolveDependencies(func);
      func.apply(obj, dependencies);
      return obj;
   resolveDependencies : function(func) {
      var args = this.getArguments(func);
      var dependencies = [];
      for ( var i = 0; i < args.length; i++) {
      return dependencies;
   getArguments : function(func) {
      //This regex is from require.js
      var FN_ARGS = /^function\s*[^\(]*\(\s*([^\)]*)\)/m;
      var args = func.toString().match(FN_ARGS)[1].split(',');
      return args;

The first thing we need a configuration to provide necessary dependencies with qualifiers. To do that, we define a dependency set as dependencies in the Injector class. We use dependency set as our container which will take care of our object instances mapped to qualifiers. In order to add new instance with a qualifier to dependency set, we define an add method. Following that, we define get method to retrieve our instance. In this method, we first find the arguments array and then map those arguments to dependencies. After that, we just construct the object with our dependencies and return it. For more information and examples, please see the post on my blog.

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