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Swift. Add attributes to multiple instances

I have

containing strings of the text terms to which I want to apply a particular attribute. Here's a code snippit:

static var bold = [String]()
static let boldAttribs = [NSFontAttributeName: UIFont(name: "WorkSans-Medium", size: 19)!]
for term in bold {
atStr.addAttributes(boldAttribs, range: string.rangeOfString(term))

This works great for single term or phrase use. But it only applies to the first use of a specific term. Is there a way, without resorting to numerical ranges, to apply the attribute to all instances of the same term? For example, make every use of "animation button" within the same string bold.

Edit: This works.

// `butt2` is [String]() of substrings to attribute
// `term` is String element in array, target of attributes
// `string` is complete NAString from data
// `atStr` is final
for term in butt2 {
var pos = NSRange(location: 0, length: string.length)
while true {
let next = string.rangeOfString(term, options: .LiteralSearch, range: pos)
if next.location == NSNotFound { break }

pos = NSRange(location: next.location+next.length, length: string.length-next.location-next.length)

atStr.addAttributes(butt2Attribs, range: next)

Answer Source

You don't have to resort to numerical ranges, but you do need to resort to a loop:

// atStr is mutable attributed string
// str is the input string
var pos = NSRange(location: 0, length: atStr.length)
while true {
    let next = atStr.rangeOfString(target, options: .LiteralSearch, range: pos)
    if next.location == NSNotFound {
    atStr.addAttributes(boldAttribs, range: next)
    pos = NSRange(location: next.location+next.length, length: atStr.length-next.location-next.length)
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