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Ionic Opening Modal on top of popup

I am new to Ionic. While I was playing around with Ionic components, I found that when I try to create modal within popup, the contents inside modal are not able to be clicked.

I found similar question: Open an ionic modal on top of an ionic popup
but no one seems to make suggestions.

Any advice or suggestion?

Controller; creates Popup and info_input has a button to open modal.
var myPopup = ${
templateUrl: 'templates/info_input.html',
scope: $scope,
buttons: [
text: 'Cancel',
text: '<span class="selectConfirm">Select</span>',
type: 'button-dark',
onTap: function(e) {
if (!scope.autofill) {
} else {

Answer Source

I have found temporary solution for this. I have edited ionic.css file

.popup-open {
  pointer-events:  none; }


.popup-open {
  pointer-events: auto; } 
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