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Laravel Eloquent update just if changes have been made

Is there any way to update a record in Laravel using eloquent models just if a change has been made to that record? I don't want any user requesting the database for no good reason over and over, just hitting the button to save changes. I have a

function that enables and disables the save button according with whether something has changed in the page, but I would like to know if it's possible to make sure to do this kind of feature on the server side too. I know I can accomplish it by myself (meaning: without appealing to an internal functionality of the framework) just by checking if the record has change, but before doing it that way, I would like to know if Laravel eloquent model already takes care of that, so I don't need to re-invent the wheel.

This is the way I use to update a record:

$product = Product::find($data["id"]);
$product->title = $data["title"];
$product->description = $data["description"];
$product->price = $data["price"];
//etc (string values were previously sanitized for xss attacks)


You're already doing it!

save() will check if something in the model has changed. If it hasn't it won't run a db query.

Here's the relevant part of code in Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model@performUpdate:

protected function performUpdate(Builder $query, array $options = [])
    $dirty = $this->getDirty();

    if (count($dirty) > 0)
        // runs update query

    return true;

The getDirty() method simply compares the current attributes with a copy saved in original when the model is created. This is done in the syncOriginal() method:

public function __construct(array $attributes = array())



public function syncOriginal()
    $this->original = $this->attributes;

    return $this;

If you want to check if the model is dirty just call isDirty():

    // changes have been made

Or if you want to check a certain attribute:

    // price has changed