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Is the Object-Class reationship in C++ different from other languages, say Java and C#?

I've been programming in Java and C# for a while and I guess I always thought of objects and classes as being one and the same but the C++ course I'm following has the classes in .h files and the objects .cpp files. Is this typically how a C++ program is structured? Is the class/object relationship different than other OOP's?

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You might as well see classes declarations in a .cpp file, e.g., if the one who wrote this file decided to use some help-classes that weren't supposed to be part of the API presented in the .h file. Also, you might see in a .h file an object that is being held within a class as its private member.

Indeed, Java "pushes" you towards a pretty strict source and class files organization, that in many cases will match your folders & files organization. C++ allows you much more freedom in this regard, but however has the notion of includeing header files.