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Local Binary Pattern Logic

I have a doubt regarding the histogram on the LBP algorithm.
Let's say I have an image that is 1000x1000 and I split this image into 4 sub-images of 250x250 each so as far as I know I should compute each sub-image histogram generating a histogram vector of 59 positions (Uniform LBP version).

My doubt is, the Wikipedia article says I have to concatenate each histogram vector to generate the feature vector so the feature vector of my image is a vector with 236 positions ? 59 positions * 4 sub-images.

Is it wrong to compute the whole image and generate just one 59 position histogram vector as my feature vector?

Thank you!

Answer Source

With more splitting you get more information about the image: what are the textures on different parts of the image. Without splitting, you get only an average texture. Just imagine you want to recognize a cat from a histogram, or from an image with 100*100 pixels.

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