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Redirect if session is not available node.js

I am trying to write code for my route that if the session.user_id is undefined redirect back to the home page. For some reason the redirect doesnt execute and the mysql condition is fired and it crashes the server because the session.user_id is undefined and it cant load the game without that data.

Is there a way to use a universal redirect on all routes that if session is not available redirect back to login?

router.get('/game', function(req,res) {


if (req.session.user_id === "undefined") {


}else {

var condition = 'userId = ' + req.session.user_id;

projectX.allGameData(condition, function(data){

var hbsObject = {heroes : data, logged_in: req.session.logged_in, isUser: req.session.isUser, isAdmin: req.session.isAdmin}

res.render('game', hbsObject);




Answer Source

You should either use: if (req.session.user_id === undefined)

OR if ( typeof req.session.user_id === "undefined")

Apart from that, it's usually better to have a middleware function that checks for user session. This way, you can just insert the call to this middleware in all your routes, which require the user to be logged in:

router.get('/game', checkUserSession, function(req,res) {
  // Your code here

function checkUserSession( req, res, next )
    if( req.session.user_id )
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