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How to render flexdashboard from the command line?

I have a flexdashboard Rmd that renders correctly when i press the Knit button in RStudio. I would like to render it from the command line but the naviagation bar does change when I use the command

render("myfile.rmd", flex_dashboard())

The heading of my Rmd file is the following:

title: "Flexdashboard"
theme: cosmo
- { title: "Draft-For Internal Use Only", align: right }
source_code: embed

Answer Source

You can call render with no arguments and it will pick up all of the options in YAML:


Altons was correct that using flex_dashboard() creates a new format that uses all the defaults. To render a format and keep the settings from YAML you use:

render("myfile.Rmd", "flex_dashboard")

But this latter form is only required if flex_dashboard isn't already the default format within the Rmd.

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