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Javascript Question

Setting vendor-prefixed CSS using javascript

...is a huge pain.

var transform = 'translate3d(0,0,0)';
elem.style.webkitTransform = transform;
elem.style.mozTransform = transform;
elem.style.msTransform = transform;
elem.style.oTransform = transform;

Is there a library/framework/better way to do this? Preferably with just one line of JS?

Answer Source

I don't know of any library that does this, but if they are all just prefixes--that is, there is no difference in name or syntax--writing a function yourself would be trivial.

function setVendor(element, property, value) {
  element.style["webkit" + property] = value;
  element.style["moz" + property] = value;
  element.style["ms" + property] = value;
  element.style["o" + property] = value;

Then you can just use this in most cases.

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