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How to connect to sql server database via LAN

want to connect to a database on another PC connected via LAN. I am able to use the sql server db with string like C:\Users... but i cannot connect using string like (\\Server\c\user...) I tried to move the db file to My Documents, still i get this error.

I get the following error message: An attempt to attach an auto-names database for file (\\SERVER\Users\Jeswills\Documents\TBSDB.mdf) failed. A database with the same name exists, or specified file cannot be opened, or it is located on UNC share

I hope i asked the question correctly

Answer Source

As database does not support the '\SERVER\c...' parameters, i had to attach the database, after enabling TCP/IP and SQL Browser, i had to create a login through security and add it to the attached database file because authentication must be SQL not windows. And i also gave read/write privileges to the account. Then on the child system, i confirmed connection to the account through SSMS with the login connecting to SERVER (which is the remote computer's name).

Note: you must be able to ping the remote systems and SQL Server Express R2 installed. I tried with SQL Server Express but did not get a head way. for more connection string

Then i used this connection string to connect remotely, making integrated security and user instance = false unlike if i were connecting locally.

 Data Source=SERVER\SQLEXPRESS,1433;Database=DATABASEFILE.MDF;Integrated Security=False;Network Library=dbmssocn;Connect Timeout=30;User Instance=False;user='USERNAME';password='PASSWORD'
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