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jquery ui date picker with default text in textbox

is there any way we can have a default text value (not some date but some sort of label, which is displayed inside textbox, but gets changed to selected date if the user selects some date.

// I want the MM/DD/YYYY to be displayed inside text box if no date is selected by user

<input id="datePicker" value ="MM/DD/YYYY">
$(function() {
$( "#datepicker" ).datepicker( )});

I tried adding a dummy input box with mm/dd/yyyy and showing and hiding the same using focus and blur methods, but its not working, properly.
Is there any elegant way to achieve this? Any help is appreciated.
PS: I am not using html5 and i need this thing to be working in ie 8 ,9.
it should look something like this
text box sample

Answer Source

You can add placeholder="MM/DD/YYYY" inside your <input>,

<input id="datePicker" placeholder="MM/DD/YYYY">

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