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MySQL Question

How can i count transactions executed in a day in mysql workbench?

I just want to learn how to count queries executed in a day on mysql workbench. THANKS

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There's things like SHOW ENGINE InnoDB STATUS which gives you a staggering amount of detail and insight into the engine, but there's a summary near the bottom that looks like this:

Number of rows inserted 67871639, updated 554629050, deleted 65687644, read 1072151182312

That might be what you're looking for.

The alternative to that is the general query log, but that can quickly exhaust your disk space if not rotated.

Update: There's also this:


That's the number of queries run, but isn't broken out by type. It increments from server start, so you'll have to record this on a daily basis and account for times when it gets reset.

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