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Java: Sort a Collection using a CollatorKey

what I would like to achieve is to sort a colletion of objects by a string value. However in a locale dependant way using a collator. Due to performance reasons I do not want to use the Collator compare() method (as below in the code) rather the CollationKey class, as the java API states the using a CollationKey is much faster.

But how do I implement the compareTo() method using the CollationKey? As far as I understood it, I have to completely write all the comparison Methods on my own if I will be using a CollationKey. So I will even no longer be able to use the Collections.sort() methods... I am very thankfull for an example that is easy to understand and a the most efficient implementation to sort the Collection of Person objects using a CollationKey.

Thank you!

public class Person implements Comparable<Person> {

String lastname;

public int compareTo(Person person) {
//This works but it is not the best implementation for a good performance
Collator instance = Collator.getInstance(Locale.ITALY);
return instance.compare(lastname, person.lastname);

ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
Person person1 = new Person("foo");
Person person2 = new Person("bar");

Answer Source
class Person implements Comparable<Person> {

  private static final Collator collator = Collator.getInstance(Locale.ITALY);

  private final String lastname;

  private final CollationKey key;

  Person(String lastname) {
    this.lastname = lastname;
    this.key = collator.getCollationKey(lastname);

  public int compareTo(Person person) {
     return key.compareTo(person.key);

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