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iOS Question

Tab bar buttons all gray

I'm trying to create a tab bar controller but last time I did it was with iOS 6.1. But now when I put a Tab bar Controller on the storyboard it doesn't show the buttons, and any modifications I try to make on background and text does not appear. Anyone knows how can I fix it?

Below is an image of the described problem.

a newly created tab bar controller not showing the buttons


Answer Source

Since it is just mentioned in the comments and I struggled with this problem for quite a while, this is a solution:

Add an image to the Tab Bar Item and you will see the normal view of the tab bar on the specific View Controller where you changed it. When every single Tab Bar Item got an image you will also see the normal appearance in your Tab Bar Controller.

This is the only fix that worked for me after reinstalling Xcode and rebooting my mac which both didn't solve the problem.

I'd appreciate other solutions as I think this hasn't always been this way.

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