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JSON Question

blank result with - in text in cell in php and json

i have a problem in a file with json estraction:

if in database i have a field with a - inside result for json is null

this is the code

$host = "****";
$user = "****";
$password = "*****";
$db = "****";

//open connection to mysql db
$connection = mysqli_connect($host,$user,$password,$db) or die("Error " .

//fetch table rows from mysql db
$sql = "select * from ".$table.";";
$result = mysqli_query($connection, $sql) or die("Error in Selecting " .

//create an array
$emparray = array();
while($row =mysqli_fetch_assoc($result))
$emparray[] = $row;
echo json_encode($emparray);

//close the db connection

p.s. the - is inside the cell of a row

for example:
Enemies take –1 on attack rolls and saves against ...

symbols around tables are not useful :(

i know is weak for hackers but for now is private :D

Answer Source

Treat the table name as a STRING using the backtick characters (`) around the table name:

$sql = "select * from `".$table.";`";

Howerver; Do never do things like this on a site reachable via the internet!!!

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