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Swift Question

Put a string before a certain string inside a text in Swift 3

I'm dealing with an issue here, I have a URL of an image which is like this

Which is a string.

And I would like to insert before
a certain text like

Is there any way to analyze the URL string and somehow to add this text so the final string should be

What i've tried till now is this

var finalImage = ""
finalImage.insert("-40x40" as Character, at: finalImage.endIndex - 4)

but i get 2 errors.

1) i cant add more than 1 character and 2) i cant do the math ad endIndex.

But i can't add more than one character there.

Thanks a lot!

Answer Source

Try this. It uses NSURL, which exists so that path manipulations are easy and legal! The documentation is really quite good.

let s1 = ""
let u = URL(fileURLWithPath: s1)
let exExt = u.deletingPathExtension()
let s2 = exExt.absoluteString + "-40x40.jpg"
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