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MySQL Question

Update using PDO statement

I am still getting my head around a PDO statement but the code below does not do what I assumed it would

$temp = "6c ";
$weather_report = "Its currently $temp " ;

$qry = $pdo->exec("UPDATE data_weather SET text= '$weather_report' WHERE period='report' ");

This does update my database but only with 'Its currently' and the temp value is missing ,

After reading some articles I believe I need to use quote but I am not sure how to implement it ?

any help please ?

Answer Source

Please use query parameters instead of interpolating variables into SQL strings.
It's safer, faster, and easier.

$temp = "6c ";    
$weather_report = "It's currently $temp " ; 

$sql = "UPDATE data_weather SET text= ? WHERE period='report'";
$stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql);

Note that you don't need to quote the string. In fact, you must not put quotes around the ? placeholder. You can use apostrophes inside your weather report string safely.

You can use a parameter placeholder any place you would normally put a single scalar value in an SQL expression. E.g. in place of a quoted string, quoted date, or numeric literal. But not for table names or column names, or for lists of values, or SQL keywords.

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