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Angular Scope object not retaining the values and returning null in HTML

I have a simple angular function where I call a service to get data and store it a Angular scope as JS array. The issue is the array in the scope object is not visible in my HTML. One thing here is I redirect my view to another HTML, I am not sure if that is a reason.

$.each(, function(index, element) {

When I dump this scope array $scope.vendorCartList in the debug console, it displays the content properly.
In my HTML vendorHome.html, I am trying to retrieve the list through ng-repeat and it never works. I tried to dump the scope object, its printing null, not sure what am I missing here

<div ng-repeat="elements in vendorCartList">

Answer Source

The redirect is exactly the reason. try commenting it out. The service is being called in one scope, and when you redirect using $location.path('someUrl'), the scope changes. Hence, the issue.

If the cart items are required in the vendorHome page, inject the service there, and call the function inside vendorHome's controller.

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