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React Native crashing in production

We built an app using React Native to improve UX and features of our previous Cordova app.

Everything went fine. Several months of development, QA, App review and then we published to App Store. It worked on all devices we tried, from iPhone 4s to iPhone 6s+, we tested on iOS 8.3 (earliest simulator you can download through xCode) to 10.0.

After release lots of users started reporting that app crashes before splash screen even goes away. Behaviour we haven't seen in the app review, testing or anywhere else before.

We investigated "crashes" in xCode and they obviously didn't show up, because hundreds of users experienced a crash and we were able to only see few - which seemed unrelated to startup.

We released an updated version with Crashlytics integrated, but that didn't help either. We do not get Crashlytics errors for this specific problem either, meaning that problem is probably happening before

Any ideas where should I look next? We really do not want to revert to the old version and lose months of work.

The app uses around ~100MB of memory when everything is loaded, so that shouldn't be a problem I presume. It is happening on all versions of iOS across all devices. We cannot isolate the error to only specific users.

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The problem took so long to resolve because of bad communication between us and our users. App was actually NOT crashing, just not starting up (which is the same in the eyes of some users).

After we discovered that, we realized that one of the events is not firing (the one that hides extended splash screen) and this is where users got stuck. One of the libraries we were using didn't correctly handle the error scenario and it made our job much harder. I was lucky to get into that state while testing and I could continue from there.

I updated the code to handle that scenario and the issue is now resolved.

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