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How to extract phone number from varchar column in Sql server?

I have a varchar column in my table which can contain phone numbers in different formats along with some text in there .


"This is a test 111-222-3344"

"Some Sample Text (111)-222-3344"

"Hello there 1112223344 . How are you?"

How do I extract the phone numbers from this? I've looked up other solutions (Another Post), but they don't fit my requirements.

Thank you

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Well, since they are in different formats, I'd extract them in the same format.

--Handles parentheses, commas, spaces, hyphens..
declare @table table (c varchar(256))
insert into @table
('This is a test 111-222-3344'),
('Some Sample Text (111)-222-3344'),
('Hello there 111222 3344 / How are you?'),
('Hello there 111 222 3344 ? How are you?'),
('Hello there 111 222 3344. How are you?')

replace(LEFT(SUBSTRING(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(c,'(',''),')',''),'-',''),' ',''),',',''), PATINDEX('%[0-9.-]%', replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(c,'(',''),')',''),'-',''),' ',''),',','')), 8000),
           PATINDEX('%[^0-9.-]%', SUBSTRING(replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(c,'(',''),')',''),'-',''),' ',''),',',''), PATINDEX('%[0-9.-]%', replace(replace(replace(replace(replace(c,'(',''),')',''),'-',''),' ',''),',','')), 8000) + 'X') -1),'.','')
from @table

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