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Restkit/Restkit.h file not found Xcode 6.1

I was working on Project in Xcode 6.1. It was working fine and all of sudden it prompted an error 'Restkit/Restkit.h file not found'. I'm getting error after changing Architectures from

$(ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT) to Standard architectures (armv7,arm64) - $(ARCHS_STANDARD)
which is recommended by Apple Check Link

Screenshot for error

Screenshot for error

I have tried following approaches :

1.'Cleaning' project and rebuilding

2. Checked for missing framework in Target -> Build Phases

3. Fixed 'Framework Search Path' of Target

4. I have build Restkit XcodeProject and Targets separately. It builds without error.

I was getting below error while submitting to App Store and hence changed architecture to 'Standard architecture'

Appstore error

Why did this occur all of sudden? How to fix it?

RestKit Build settings

Answer Source

I had used third-party static library in project named libNuance.a. It seems that this static library works fine for 32-bit architecture but failed for 64-bit architecture.

I downloaded updated version of libNuance.a library from their official site and changed architecture to Standard architectures (armv7,arm64) - $(ARCHS_STANDARD).

Vola! build succeeded without any error.

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